Got an unsightly stain?

August 8, 2017

Whether you are considering commercial or residential premises, there are a couple of truly unsightly stains which our highly experienced Kleenit Group teams are often asked to deal with.
Either of these can make your property seem thoroughly unattractive, either to those visiting your home, or potential customers coming into contact with your business. Let’s look at each of these…

An unsightly bore water stain

These are caused, often in low lying areas, by the effects of utilising a below ground bore pump to access a water supply. This is frequently to provide a source for much-needed irrigation. The results are so noticeable – a brown tinge disfiguring a wall, one that often darkens over time. The cause of this is the iron oxide in the water source drying onto the surface of the brick wall or paving, as well as effecting other areas such as concrete, signage and fences. We’ve even found this residue on vehicles! – Read more on Bore Stain Removal here


A stubborn oil stain

When these stains affect pavers with unsealed concrete, for example, their porous nature allows the oil to seep down into them. This means that conventional cleaning methods are not able to deliver a satisfactory result. It’s also possible that hydraulic (and other) oils can react with the substrate to cause more serious discolouration than a simple stain. Read more on Oil Stain Removal here


Help is at hand!

If your home or business premises are affected by either of these unsightly and damaging stains, then it’s time to call in experienced and professional brick, paver, driveway, or other cleaning help (you wouldn’t believe how many accidents, or increased levels of damage, are caused by people trying do-it-yourself high-pressure wash solutions).

Our Kleenit oil or bore stain removal team will utilise only the finest high-pressure hot water equipment, and environmentally-friendly chemical detergents, as well as their hard-won skills, to deliver the results needed to return your property to its former glory. Over time, we have developed these cleaning agents for specific jobs, such as the safe removal of unsightly stains. For example, our specially formulated solution for bore water stains quickly dissolves the iron oxide causing the problem.

If your property is the victim of unsightly, ingrained, and stubborn staining, please call us here at Kleenit on 1800 255 336 or visit our web site quote form. Both our initial advice, and our estimates, are delivered for free!

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