Now servicing Canberra and the ACT

September 13, 2017

As one of Australia’s most renowned domestic and commercial high pressure cleaning companies, we are extremely proud of our franchisees and are delighted to announce that we will now be servicing the Canberra and greater ACT region.

Franchises are the key to any successful business growth and we are so happy that Canberra and the ACT region have realised the benefits of investing in a Kleenit franchise.

Since we kicked off our business in 1987, we have been approached by many passionate people who have successfully launched Kleenit franchises and assisted in helping us become a household name. No matter which corner of Australia they are in, all of our dedicated franchises specialise in graffiti removal, brick cleaning, paver cleaning, floor coatings, paver sealing gutter cleaning and even line marking.

All off our franchises pride themselves on their professionalism, and they are all so happy to be part of the Kleenit group that they don’t just ‘do it’, they ‘live it’. Kleenit are proud to possess the best and most innovative cleaning equipment available on the market, and our strong values based around integrity and pride mean that our passionate franchises believe in doing a job once, doing it perfectly and doing it right.

Kleenit franchises are popular because everyone knows that they are investing in a service they can trust. The new franchises in Canberra and the ACT region will be performing the reputable Kleenit core services including:


Providing non-slip and epoxy floor coating, we focus on preventative floor protection.

Graffiti removal and protection

Prepared with both preventative coats and premium graffiti removal products, we have a solution for every graffiti issue. Utilising the latest equipment and specialised biodegradable chemicals, a professional finish is guaranteed every time.

Pressure cleaning

There are few cleaning jobs, particularly in factories or commercial workplaces, that high pressure cleaning cannot rectify. Removing stubborn stains and preventing mould and fungus growth, we have been sanitising and ensuring the safety of work spaces for 30 years now.


Mishaps happen. Whether it is spilled paint, graffiti or oil, we can safely and effectively remove the stains.


We know that a job doesn’t stop with a final coat of paint – sealing is essential to protect the longevity of the floor. It doesn’t matter if we’re working with concrete, driveways, paving, patios or even pool areas, we will ensure that any space is safe from everyday wear and tear.

Specialist cleaning services

As a national company that has now expanded through more franchises in the Canberra and ACT region, we are conscious of the diverse landscape of Australia, and that every region will have different safety needs.

Renowned for our professional and high-quality work and rapid response times, we are excited to now be coating and cleaning the Canberra and greater ACT regions. Contact us today to find out more!

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