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The creation of anti slip floors or slip resistant surfaces is an area that has become more prevalent in recent years. It involves the addition of granules or beads to a floor coating system which, when cured, creates a surface that is roughened in texture and is therefore less likely to cause a slip hazard.

The term “anti slip” refers to the amount of slip resistance a floor surface provides, particularly when wet. This resistance can be measured using a pendulum style meter that gauges the amount of resistance the floor would create under skid circumstances. This form of test gives the floor surface an “R” rating…the higher the R number, the higher the resistance to slip. For example a floor with an R rating of 35 is more slip resistant than a floor that has a rating of 20.

How is an anti slip surface created

The application of an anti slip floor is a job for a specialist. It involves the addition of fine granules to a floor paint or sealer, prior to the paint being applied, and should only be carried out by competent, suitably qualified personnel, as the selection of the type, size and makeup of the granules, and the method of application is critical to achieving the final R rating of the floor.

Anti slip floor close up

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