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Kleenit floor coating and protective coating experts have a floor paint or epoxy flooring for practically every situation and surface, from anti graffiti paint for residential walls, to concrete paint on driveways, to protection with anti slip floor coatings or complete factory floor coatings with epoxy floor coatings or concrete floor finishes, Kleenit can offer the lot.

Kleenit have a long and proven track record in the epoxy floor coating and polyurethane floor coating arena. Kleenit are often recommended by product manufacturers as their recognised applicator, and have a wealth of experience with anti graffiti paint too.

Why do our floor coatings give the best results and value for money?

Remember the phrase… “ The quality of the finish is only as good as the preparation?” This is a fact.
Dont risk the possibility of a sub standard finish on your factory floor or garage floor because of the need for specialist surface preparation or incorrect product application. Let Kleenit’s team of floor coating experts assist you all the way. Kleenit have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your floor is both prepared AND coated in the correct manner, ensuring the best floor coating results every time.

Epoxy floor coatings, floor painting and anti graffiti paint

The application of a floor coating or anti graffiti paint (on walls) really requires the services of a professional who understands the nature and potential problems of every surface, prior to application.

The surface needs to be completely cleaned and free from grease before any floor coating is applied. This will generally involve high pressure cleaning or even acid etching.

The floor coating is then generally applied in two stages…a primer first, followed by a number of coats of the final product.

Anti slip floors are more complex in their application, and strict methods should be adhered to, to ensure the required anti slip texture rating (R rating) is achieved initially, and is maintained for years to come.

Cleaning methods, application methods, coupled with drying times and strict recoat times are all critical to achieving a perfect result, and thus floor coatings of any kind whether they be epoxy floors, polyurethane floors, or simply concrete painting, should only be carried out by personnel who are aware of all these factors.

Kleenit Factory Floor Coatings Services are available in:

  • Perth and Joondalup, Rockingham, Mandurah, Fremantle, Midland, Bunbury & Augusta in WA
  • Sydney and Campbelltown, Wollongong, Central Coast & Newcastle in NSW
  • Melbourne and Werribee, Geelong, Craigieburn, Frankston & Mornington in VIC

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