Pool Area Sealing

Sealing the paving or concrete around a pool can create a potential nightmare , particularly if the wrong type of sealer is applied. A specific type of sealer must be used or the risk of inadvertently creating a nasty slip hazard is huge.

Applying a sealer creates a physical barrier between the substrate and the outside world. It is this barrier or membrane that prevents a substance from penetrating and thus causing a stain.

However, this membrane also prevents water from penetrating too. Water from splashing in the pool and water from wet feet can simply “pool” on the surface of the paving and can create a lethal slip hazard.

Kleenit have a specially designed sealer for exactly this scenario.
Once applied, our Kleenit sealer is almost invisible, and sits in the top layer of the substrate, not on it, therefore allowing the aggregate of the substrate to show through and allow an amount of slip resistance, while still creating a barrier to a stain. The sealer has been carefully designed using the very latest in sealer technology, and as a result is absorbed in a different manner than most conventional sealers, and is now almost exclusively used by Kleenit technicians in such locations.

Our Pool Area Sealing Services are available in:

  • Perth and Joondalup, Rockingham, Mandurah, Fremantle, Midland, Bunbury & Augusta in WA
  • Sydney and Campbelltown, Wollongong, Central Coast & Newcastle in NSW
  • Melbourne and Werribee, Geelong, Craigieburn, Frankston & Mornington in VIC

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